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Should Your Electric Kettle Be Plastic and BPA Free?

The safety of using plastic kettles for boiling water and if electric kettles are BPA free is a question that is coming up more and more recently. We all love our tea and coffee but we need to be sure that we are boiling the water for that in the safe way. So lets take a look at the questions that are being asked and the options we have.

Are Plastic Electric Kettles Safe For Health?

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So this is the question that many people are asking. The main worry is that harmful chemicals that can be in some forms of plastics may be leaching into food and rinks that we consume. One of the main worries is that when we heat plastic, it begins to break that plastic down and then may allow the dangerous chemicals to be released and absorbed into the liquids or food.

Why Is BPA Bad?

What Is BPA And Is Eating From Plastic Bad For You?

Bisphenol A commonly known as BPA is a chemical component that has long been used in the manufacturer of plastics. BPA is often used in the plastics that used to make containers for food and drink as well as other items.

BPA can also be found in epoxy resins, and these can be used for linings for metal products, so it isnt just plastics that we need to be concerned with. For instance cans and bottle tops may be lines with epoxy resin.

The reason for concern is that researchers believe that BPA may be linked to health problems with children and fetuses, as well as other issues such as heart problems and infertility. Although it has been stated that BPA is safe at low levels, continued studies are still being carried out to determine the effects.

How Do I Come Into Contact With BPA?

BPA is found in so many products that its almost impossible to not come into contact with it. The main worries at the moment seem to be where we have liquids in contact with plastics for an extended period of time. Studies have shown that drink from plastic bottles has been shown to increase the levels of BPA in the body.

Given that BPA, a key component of polycarbon, is in so many items its likely to be hard to avoid. Polycarbon is in:

  • water bottles
  • food containers
  • cans

Most research is believing that the low levels of BPA in most products mean that it doesnt pose a health risk generally. But given the risks to infants some countries such as Canada have banned the use of BPAs in babies bottles in particular.

How Do I Lower The Risk From BPA?

One of things that is supposed to increase the risk of leaching of BPA from plastics is heat. So to minimise the risk ideally we dont want to apply heat to the plastics when we are consuming food or drinks. This is why there is concern where it comes to plastic kettles, where water is being boiled to a high temperature.

The other way of course is to use BPA free plastics. So the ideal is to find BPA free plastic kettle or metal kettles. This will definitely minimise the risk of BPA in your diet.

Should I Be Using Plastic Kettles?

So why would anyone still be buying plastic kettles if we know that theres a risk of BPA chemicals leaching into the water. Especially these days when we are all being a lot more careful about what we consume.

Well the main reason is price. Making products with plastics can be a lot cheaper than using other materials. But what price do you put on your health?

Also products made out of plastic as opposed to metal, glass or ceramics tend to be a lot lighter too.

BPA Free Electric Kettles

Most kettles are not going to be totally plastic free. But if you can get a kettle that keeps plastic and especially BPA free plastic to an absolute minimum then this will help us to enjoy our tea and coffee with much less concern of BPA leaking and leaching into our drinks.


What Is BPA?

Best Compact Grills On The Market

There’s nothing quite like a big steak grilled to tender, juicy perfection. But preparing a steak of this caliber calls for a grill, and that’s not always practical. Take camping and road trips, for example.

Imagine toting around a full sized monstrosity of a grill in your truck or van! And if you live in an apartment, that thing will take up a huge amount of patio space that could be used for lawn chairs. What do you do to satisfy your inner carnivore under these circumstances? Answer: Get a compact grill.

Compact grills such as the Weber 386002 Q-100 Portable Gas Grill comes with loads of benefits. They pack up neatly inside your car when you go on road trips, leaving enough space for your tent and cooler. Depending on the brand, you can even buy a specially made case that allows you to pull the grill behind you like a wheeled bag at the airport.

And although many of them are weather resistant, you won’t have to test that feature by leaving your portable grill out in the rain and snow; you can easily bring it inside and store it in a closet when you’re not using it.

Going small doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. The best ones are durable, stable, and made to last. Some are designed to be placed on a tabletop surface, while others stand upright on wheels for smooth mobility.

Many have handy features such as adjustable burners and interchangeable grilling plates for different kinds of cooking. So you can whip up some pancakes, roast a chicken, or cook some hamburgers when you’re on the road.

That’s all fine and good, but the real question is: Do they get the job done? Will a grill that small reach the proper temperature and cook your meat evenly? Yes, if you’re dealing with a good compact grill.

They may not blast out as much heat as a king-sized grill, but they get more than hot enough to sizzle your steak. Like anything, they vary in quality, so don’t rush out and buy one without doing your research. You’ll find plenty of compact grill reviews online to help you make your choice.

You might still have some reservations about getting a compact grill if you live in an apartment, since landlords often ban the use of grills–compact or otherwise. But what they’re really concerned about is the dangers of cooking over an open fire, and you can always get around that with a small electric grill like the Weber 526001 Q 140 Electric Barbeque Grill.

If you really want to be low-profile and avoid driving your neighbors insane with the wonderful smell of grilled chicken (though what fun is that?), you can get one made for indoor use instead.

If you have a big backyard, hate camping, and never go on road trips, then you probably won’t have much use for a compact grill.

If that’s you, go biggie-sized. But if you’re a true carnivore who spends a lot of time on the road, or if you have limited space, you owe it to yourself to get one of these babies. You won’t regret it.

How to Shop for a Compact Grill

Thinking about getting a compact grill? It’s the perfect choice if you don’t have a backyard, or if you just love the idea of hosting your own tailgate barbecue parties. But which one should you get? Which features should you look for, and what should you avoid? Mostly the answer depends on your needs and priorities.

If you already own a full sized grill or have some experience with one, use that as a starting point. What do you love about your grill? What do you hate about it? Would you be happy with a smaller version of your grill, or would you rather try something new? For example, if you hate dumping the ash from your charcoal grill and wish it would heat up faster, you might want try a compact gas grill.

Weight is another consideration. Compact grills that weigh less than 20 pounds are a breeze to pick up and carry around, but you may not be able to cook for more than two or three people. A smallish grill that weighs close to 100 pounds might still technically qualify as a “compact grill,” but you won’t be inclined to pick it up if you don’t have to.

Some compact grills are difficult to transport for other reasons. Consider whether it has convenient carrying handles, or at least a way to lock down the lid so it won’t fly off or rattle around in the back of the car. Does it have its own stand? If not, you’ll have to find room for your portable grill on a tabletop surface. If it has a stand, is it equipped with wheels? It’s easier to move your grill around when it’s on wheels.

Do you live in an apartment where gas and charcoal grills are forbidden? Then you probably want to invest in an electric compact grill, which will save valuable space and won’t put out much (if any) smoke. A piece of meat cooked on an electric grill won’t be as flavorful or juicy as one that’s cooked on a charcoal grill, but it’s still pretty darn tasty.

There’s also the question of quality and durability. Is the mini grill solid enough to last for years, or is it flimsy and loaded with cheap, breakable parts? Does it have a rust-resistant enameled surface, or is it coated with cheap paint that flakes off? You can’t see most of these elements for yourself if you shop online, but reading compact grill reviews will give you an idea of what to expect.

Finally, how easy is it to clean? If your compact grill is a pain to take apart, has hard-to-reach crevices that fill up with greasy residue, or won’t even let you remove the grill plates, you’ll probably hate cleaning it. Again, reviews can be enlightening here.

When shopping for your first portable grill, just remember to sort out your needs, do your research, and read online compact grill reviews at By following these steps, you’ll be assured of buying a portable grill that makes you happy and gives you years of service.

Weber 386002 Q-100 Portable Gas Grill Review: Don’t Buy this Hot Selling Compact Grill Until You Read This

Weber 386002 Q-100 Portable Gas Grill, is the perfect example, of the saying, “Good things come in small packages.” A massive, understatement, to say the least . If you, have been eyeballing, this perfect, hard working compact grill, please, take a few minutes to continue reading.

The Q-Series, compact grill, manufactured by Weber®, begin their line-up, starting with the Q-100. Modest on the outside, packing a powerhouse, under it’s compact, yet deceiving shell.

Enjoy, all the features, that are found on much large units, such as reliable lighting, with ease of a push of a button, flame control, by way of infinitely adjustable burner vale, with high-quality regulator. The frame, is a sturdy, glass-reinforced nylon composition, that stands up to rugged abuse.

Lid and body are cast aluminum, with a large, heat-resistant, lid handle for safe opening. Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grate, and operates, on a standard, 14.1 once propane cylinder, for the ultimate in compactness.

The larger, 16.4 tank is also an option, as is going full blown, and using the standard, full size propane tanks, used by larger size grills (all tanks sold separately).

Let’s, take a closer look, at the features, of the Weber 386002 Q-100 Gas Grill:

Compact grill in size, perfect for the outdoors person, day tippers, travelers, apartment dwellers and more
Large 189 square inches total cooking area in a compact design
Powerhouse with 8,500 BTU-per-hour input.
Tubular stainless steel burner
Cast aluminum lid and body
Safe heat-resistant handle
Measures 16 x 27 x 23-1/2 inches with lid open ( H x W x D )
Weber® Q cookbook of recipes and inspiration included free
5-year limited warranty
Made in the USA
Not, satisfied yet?

Then, there is more, add a flavorizer system, integrated into the cooking grate, and a removable catch pan, for messy drips. This compact grill, is packed with features, mostly found on bigger, bulkier, expensive units.

Grilling, no longer, has to be seasonal, enjoy this popular past time, all year round.

A compact grill unit, such as the Weber 386002 Q-100 Portable Gas Grill, can be your perfect companion, all through out the year.

Cut the ball and chain, to full size models once in a while, and enjoy the freedom, with the same great satisfaction.

Day trips, tail gate parties, quite cookouts along side a peaceful river, the possibilities are endless. Grab your cooler, some burgers, hot dogs, even steaks, along with this compact grill, and away you go.

Overall, customer satisfaction, is very high on this compact grill.

Enjoy, your next cookout, with, the Weber 386002 Q-100 Portable Gas Grill.

Coleman 9949-750 Road Trip Grill Review: Stunning Compact Grill Design

Coleman 9949-750 Road Trip Grill, “Grill Masters,” feast your eyes on this beauty! Talk about, “everything but the kitchen sink” this sweet grill, has all the flash, but easy on the cash.

Convenience, efficiency, and versatility all rolled into a compact, go-anywhere, complete bbq package. Portability grilling, is gaining a huge fan base, because of units, like the Coleman 9949-750 Road Trip Grill.

If, you’re looking for, quicker, easier transport, and set up, at the next tailgate party, picnic, campsite or just a quick, backyard bbq, with friends. Give this unit, a good hard look.

Let’s, dig deeper into the Coleman 9949-750 Road Trip Grill.

•Coleman, 36-inch collapsible compact propane grill for use at home or on the road

• Cooking space totals a roomy 285 square inches.

• Porcelain-coated cast-iron grates

• Two 10,000 BTU straight burners

• Towing handle, wheels, and detachable side tables

• Collapsed grill measures 36 x 22 x 13 inches

•Warranty limited 5-year

The features, go on and on, such as collapsible scissor legs. This is a really nice feature to have. The grill, can be used, up at waist level, for comfortable grilling, or in collapsed mode, for table top, or tailgate use. Wheels! Never, worry about burned hands, spills, while trying to move, or adjust this compact grill, while operating, this baby has wheels.

Another nice addition, is the travel bag, which is also included. Nobody, thinks about the return trip home, till the moment comes. This bag, will keep your car, truck, RV, or boat clean. No, worries, of transferring, any cooking mess, from dirty grill, to vehicle’s carpet and upholstery. Keep the mess contained.

Bayou Classic Fold and Go Portable Grill

Bayou Classic Fold and Go Portable Grill, ultra compact, simple to set up, unfolds and assembles in just seconds, no tool required, large 226 sq inches of cooking space, shoulder strap tote case for easy carrying, extremely compact, quality built grill, ready to go whenever you are.

Product Features


•Assembles in seconds

•266 sq in of cooking surface

•Can cook up to 15 hamburgers at once

•Comes with tote bag

Wow! not a whole lot of features going on with this grill, but that is the beauty of it and a great selling point. Think about it, the idea behind the use of a compact grill is in it’s simplicity. Easy to transport, quick set-up, and simple to use, these three point are what grilling on the go should consist of, exactly what this small bayou classic fold and go tailgate grill offers.

Simple Features, really do Add Up in a Big Way

Portability is important! This charcoal grill is one of few that actually is deserving of the title “compact” and for good reasons. Folded, it is not much bigger then most size laptops and takes up about as much space, this is wonderful when packing for your next bbq on the go, or when time comes to store away for the season.

Packed and no bigger then a laptop

Assembles Fast

In under a minute, you can have the bayou classic fold and go portable bbq completely set up and ready to cook some tasty burgers, that’s right, under a minute and no tools required. Basically the set-up consists of unfolding the unit in the correct steps, installing the cooking grate. Add your favorite charcoal, light and let the fun begin.

Simply unfold and install grate

Large Cooking Surface

Don’t let the compact design of the bayou classic fold and go camping grill fool you, when unfolded it boast a huge 266 square inches of grilling room, reported to be able to handle up to fifteen burgers at one time. Pretty impressive for any small bbq to handle.

Lots of room to pack on the food

Strap it on and go

Not many come with an added accessory for carrying, but included with the purchase of this unit is a handy strap on shoulder tote. No more multiple trips back and forth, it’s now possible to carry your bayou classic fold and go portable cafe, charcoal and food in one easy trip.

Easy to carry weighing in at 12.5 pounds

Final Thought

Looking for a cheap, but not cheaply made compact grill for tailgate parties, bbq’s on the go, the Bayou Classic Fold and Go Portable Grill will do the job nicely. It has all the elements of a true portable grill, yet big enough to do some serious grilling. Consider this grill for your next purchase, you will not be disappointed

Top Rated Electric Smokers

Barbeque is a cuisine that is very popular to the American South. The origins of American barbeque stemmed from low-income citizens only being able to afford the toughest cuts of pork and beef. These ingenious peoples discovered that slow cooking the meat would tenderize it and fall off the bone. Smokehouses and portable smokers used scented woods, such as hickory, maple or apple, to cook the meat a low temperatures.

The phrase “low and slow” is derived from the usage of smokers at temperatures under 200 degrees Fahrenheit for several hours. The problem with smokers is unless you have a decently sized outdoor area, the smoke that permeates from cooking can offend neighbors and passersby. This is why portable smokers are not often seen in densely populated urban areas. However, the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker helps solve many of these issues and can be used on a small outdoor area without causing complaints.

What to Consider When Selecting an Electric Smoker

There are several different things to consider when selecting a smoker. First is the amount of food that will be smoked at once. A small smoker is sufficient for a family of 4 whereas something resembling a 55 gallon oil drum is required when tailgating. This is in relation to the amount of space available for a smoker to be used. A small balcony/patio at an apartment building may just be large enough for a smoker on the small side.

In addition, an electric smoker versus a wood burning smoker should be considered, again, depending on the amount of space available. Finally, the construction of the smoker is important. The smoker’s design should mention how it is insulated to keep the heat inside the smoker. Typically, the smoker should have double walls and may include fiberglass or Styrofoam for additional heat retention and to prevent the heating element from working too hard to maintain the desired cooking temperature.

Benefits to Owning a Smoker

Being able to barbeque your own meat allows you to experiment with different cuts of meat, seasonings, wood chip combinations, and how lean you prefer your meat. Many cuts used for barbeque are fatty, especially brisket and pulled pork, but if you prefer a leaner cut, owning your own smoker allows you to choose for yourself.

In addition, the option between a wood burning and electric smoker depending on your living arraignments gives you the flexibility and option to barbeque your meat in a manner appropriate with your surroundings. Finally, hosting a barbeque with meat your painstaking prepared is a feeling of accomplishment and pride once your guests bite into your perfectly smoked ribs and gush at how moist and tender they are.

Overview of Top Smokers

Barbeque has been around for centuries and many major grill manufacturers offer a wide-range of smokers. Bradley, Char-Broil and Smokin-It are no exceptions and each offer electric smokers similar to the Masterbuilt.

1. Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker

The 3.5 star Amazon-rated Bradley Digital Smoker is an electric smoker with 4 racks. The temperature is controlledBradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit and can cook food up to 8 hours at a time. The multiple racks allow the user to smoke different meats at the same time.

This is similar to the Masterbuilt in just about every way except it requires to be hooked up to a generator that is separate from the actual smoker.

2. Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker, 30″

Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker, 30Rated 3.5 stars on, the Char-Broil Electric Smoker is from one of the largest manufacturers of charcoal and propane grills. This is a large electric smoker with 1 cast-iron and 3 chrome-plated cooking grates.

What set this smoker apart is the double walls for even insulation which leads to even cooking and heat retention.

3. Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker

The 5 star Smokin-It Electric Smoker can cook up to 22 pounds of meat in aSmokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker single load and is constructed of stainless steel with fiberglass insulation. This makes cleaning easy but also means that the smoker will get quite warm while in use, even with the fiberglass keeping the heat in.

The maximum temperature is 250 degrees Fahrenheit and with adjustable and removable shelving, this can accommodate any cut of meat within reason.