Best Burr Grinder 2020

What Is The Best Burr Grinder For 2020

Encore Coffee Grinder by Baratza
Baratza Encore
Coffee Grinder

If you want to make the best coffee then you really need the best burr grinder thats available. We have made a list of the top selling and most highly rated burr coffee grinders available on the market right now.

Grinding your coffee with a good quality burr grinder will ensure that you can enjoy flavorsome coffee as you have captured as much of the flavor as possible. If the choice is between and expensive coffee machine and an expensive grinder go for the best coffee grinder everytime. With a good grinder you can still get fantastic coffee or espresso from an average coffee or espresso machine.

Below we have list some of the best burr grinders from great manufacturers such as Cuisinart, Bodum, Rancilio and Capresso.

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Best Coffee Grinder For Espresso

Best Grinder For Espresso

Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder
Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill
Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinders
Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinders

Melitta 80395 Coffee Grinder
Melitta 80395 Coffee Grinder

Encore Coffee Grinder by Baratza
Encore Coffee Grinder by Baratza

Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder
Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder

How Long Does Coffee Stay Fresh

Coffee starts to lose its freshness and the aromas and oils start to evaporate away as soon as it is ground. Theres a short period after grinding which may be a day or two where the flavor is still quite good or can even improve but then after that it starts to go downhill rapidly.

This is why is best to either have a machine with an integrated grinder, or to buy a seperate burr coffee grinder to use with your espresso or coffee machine. And the most important thing is to get a consistent grind that wont damage or burn the coffee in the process and for that you need a good burr grinder.

Baratza Encore Grinder Video Review 2020

Baratza Coffee Grinders

Top Coffee Grinders 2020

Top Rated Coffee Grinders

Capresso 560 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

The Capresso 560 Infinity grinder is a great conical burr grinder with lots of setting to allow you to get different levels of grind, so if you are unsure which coffee grinder to get this one is great value for money and works really well. With sixteen setting that range from extra fine to course you should be able to find a setting that works well for whatever you need. This grinder also features a timer so that you dont have to stand over the grinder with a button pushed in to grind.

This grinder uses conical burr grinders that are designed to reduce the amount of heat passed to the coffee beans and grounds as this heat can ruin some of the flavor of the grounds and coffee. This grinder is also easy to clean as the parts lift of allowing you to clean as necessary. The grinding speed of this grinder is designed to be help to minimise the heat transfer as much as possible.

How much coffee can you grind with this grinder?

There are two things on this grinder that determine how much coffee you can grind, the hopper and the timer. The hopper on this grinder will hold about 1/2 pound of coffee beans when full, so thats the maximum amount of coffee you can grind. If you wanted to ensure you only ground enough for one cup you could of course empty the hopper and just put in enough beans for one cup. If you want your beans to stay fresh as long as possible its best not to store them in the hopper anyway unless you are going to use your grinder regularly enough that you know you will use up your coffee beans.

The timer is there for a bit more fine control of what volume of beans are ground as it determines how long the grinder runs for. The time has setings that range from 1 to 10. When set to the lowest setting the grinder will run for about 5 seconds, which should give you enough ground coffee for one cup of coffee. This will of course vary depending on how strong you like your coffee. You also have to take into account the coarseness setting of the grinder too. The coarser the setting the less time the coffee will actually need to grind for as it isnt having to work as hard to achieve the right grind.

Can this grind for French Press coffee?

As a burr grinder, the Capresso gives a uniform and even grind, which is prefect for all kinds of coffee. As long as you have the grinder set to the correct level of coarseness of grind for the type of coffee you are grinding for, then this Capresso grinder should give you the ideal grind for your French Press.

Does this grinder create a mess due to static electricity

One problem that can occur with grinders is a static charge build up inside the hopper or the ground bean tub that your coffee falls into. This is often due to the somewhat dry coffee being rubbed against the sides of the often plastic bean hopper or other parts of the grinder. Some customers have mentioned that the Capresso cam suffer from problems with static build up and ground coffee can cause a mess due to that. Of course this isn’t just an issue with this grinder, and if you read burr grinder reviews you will find it’s a fairly common problem that even your local baristas is likely to encounter.

Solutions offered range and vary. Some people have suggested creating a strip of foil that has one end in the coffee receptical and the other outside the grinder so that you can ground it once the coffee has been ground to dissipate the electric charge. Others suggestions are as simple as a few taps on the side of the grinder to cause most of the coffee that has been attracted to the sides of the holder to fall off before removing it from the grinder.

You will find that it tends to be the darker roasts that have more of a problem with static charge. This is because the beans have been roasted for long and so don’t have as much moisture in them. This leads us on to another solution to the static charge which is simple to add a few drops of water. Once you have placed your beans on the hopper, when you are ready to grind simply wet your hand under the tap. Open the hopper and flick in a few drops of water. This doesn’t sound like much but should be enough to remove most of the static charge built up.

Does this grinder grind evenly

Probably the most important part of a coffee grinder is whether it gives an even grind. To get an even grind these days the recommendation is a conical burr grinder and this Capresso grinder features conical burrs.

The reason consumers purchase a coffee grinder is to be able to grind their coffee fresh for their coffee machine or whatever form of coffee they are brewing. Some types of coffee are very particular about the grind especially espresso coffee machines. An even grind of your coffee can make the difference between a good coffee extraction and a bad one. Combine fresh coffee beans with  good and even grind and you are well on your way to mako g great coffee. So the best coffee grinder for espresso is one that can give you an even grind that allows you to produce great espresso shots.

What is the benefit of a conical burr grinder

The main features of this Capresso grinder are:

  • Included timer makes it easy to grind without constant pressing of button
  • Easy to clean conical burrs
  • 16 levels of grind
  • Fairly quiet grinder
  • Easy to use grinder with simple design

Capresso Infinity Grinder Video Review 2020

Capresso Coffee Grinders

How to Find A Good Grinder

Espresso Grinder

if you ask espresso experts and baristas what the most important thing is to get good espresso, many will answer good beans and a good grinder. Its often said that with good beans and a good grinder you can get good espresso even out of a fairly inexpensive espresso machine. The important thing is to get a good grind of coffee for your espresso machine to enable it to give you the best shot possible. Too coarse a grind will give you weak coffee and too fine a grind will give you bitter coffee thats too strong.

So dont make the mistake of buying an expensive espresso machine and then matching it to no grinder of a cheapo grinder that isnt up to the job. What you really need for great espresso is a consistent grind. An even grind will make for good espresso. This is why you cant use a blade grinder as they cannot produce and even grind.

Entry Level Burr Grinder

Entry Level Espresso Grinder

Espresso Grinder Recommendation

Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder

Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder

If you are looking for a good burr grinder that wont cost the earth then this grinder from Mr. Coffee is definitely one you should consider. With 18 different grind settings, and removable grind chamber this is a versatile and value money coffee grinder. This grinder also features a large bean hopper so less time spent filling up the bean hopper and longer time between fills too.

This grinder also features a fairly quick grind and doesnt create too much mess. This is a grinder that is also fairly easy to clean. Lots of settings means you can also get a great grind for a range of different applications. Easy to use and looks good in your kitchen.

Best features of this Mr. Coffee grinder are:

  • Very affordable grinder for those on a budget
  • Lots of setting so can grind coffee for espresso, french press and drip coffee makers.
  • Well made grinder that offers a consistent grind for the price
  • Cord wrap under base keeps it tidy in your kitchen
  • Nice even grind of coffee

Mr Coffee Grinder Video Review

Mr Coffee Coffee Grinder

Keep Your Grinder Cleaner

Espresso Grinder Burrs

Its is important to keep your coffee grinder clean. Each time you use the grinder a certain amount of residue will get left behind. As the grinder gets more use these residues build up and eventually will start to add strange flavors to your grind. You will suffer from stale grinds spoiling the flavor of your coffee plus also if you are using different beans you will have different types of beans mixing together and polutting your flavors.

So its important to read the manual on your grinder to see the best way to keep your grinder clean. A clean grinder should not add old coffee grinds to your current grind and wont start hitting your flavors. Sometimes you can grind rice to clean out any excess coffee, or if you are changing beans or blends, try grinding a little through first to make sure you get the flavor of your current beans and not what you were using before.

What Are Burr Grinders And Why Are They Better
Burr vs Blade Grinders

Ok so you have heard lots of information on coffee grinders and they often mention that conical burr grinders are the best but what’s the difference you may winder.

The best way you can improve the flavour of your coffee is to have the right level of grind of your beans and also grind fresh. A good coffee grinder helps you do this. It allows you to but your roasted coffee beans but only grind them as you need them. Coffee loses its flavour as soon as it is ground so the sooner you can use your ground coffee after grinding the more flavour packed your coffee will be.

Also most types of coffee brewing benefit from have the right grind. French press coffee needs a course grind, espresso needs a fine grind a d Turkish coffee needs a really fine grind. Now this varies from machine to machine so just grinding your coffee in the supermarket it’s going to be pretty hit and miss. You really need you own grinder and trial and error to find the perfect grind for your coffee machine.

Another factor in the grinding of coffee is getting and even grind. The various types of grinders perform differently at this. If you look at the various grinders you will see that blade grinders tend to be the cheapest. They effectively use blades to chop up the coffee beans. There are two problems with this. First they give a very uneven grind which doesn’t work well for getting the best coffee. Second they can introduce heat while grinding. This heat can burn the coffee and this will impact the flavour that you get adding bitterness.

An improvement on this is burr grinders. Rather than chop up the beans, burr grinders crush the beans using a wheel. This way they grind your coffee and achieve a much more even grind. They can also run much more slowly using gearing which is great for reducing the heat that can be produced and they are much less likely to impact the flavour of your coffee. Conical burr grinders are the best performing but do tend to be more expensive than other types but they do work well.

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