What Is The Best Coffee Grinder For The Money 2016?

Best Coffee Grinder For The Money 2015

Best Coffee Grinder

Looking for the best coffee grinder you can find for 2015? Trying to find out which is the best coffee grinder? We have listed one of the highest rated models available right here to help you.

The model shown here is the Bodum Bistro Burr Coffee Grinder

No matter what kind of coffee machine you have, whether thats an espresso machine, drip coffee machine or french press, one of the simplest ways to improve the flavor you get from the coffee is to ensure you have a good grind.

And also getting the right grind from your machine can ensure that the most flavor is extracted. In a hurry? Click here to see the bestselling coffee grinders on Amazon.com

Which Is The Best Type Of Grinder

Blade versus Burr Coffee Grinders

Blade grinders slice and chop the beans with blades. They are less expensive than burr grinders, but the main problem with them is that they struggle to give and even grind. So although they may work well for many things, they are not ideal for coffee. Burr grinders crush the beans through plates, and this gives a much more even grind of coffee, which makes for much better coffee extraction and is pretty much essential to get good espresso. They also allow much more control of the fineness of the grind. The video below goes into more detail.

Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

Best Burr Grinder For The Money

Best Coffee Grinder

The machine shown here is the Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder. This is a very highly rated coffee grinder that currently has a 4.1 star out of 5 star rating on Amazon.com from 641 reviews.

This machine features 14 different grind levels, glass container to ensure no coffee mess caused by static, timed grinding and a fast grind button. This machine is also available in a range of colors including the red as shown here.

This is a well designed coffee grinder thats nicely made with strong components. Provides a consistent grind that helps you to get better tasting coffee. Its also easy to clean and never clogs up. A good quality grinder for the price.

Where Should I Store My Coffee?

You should keep your coffee in an air tight container which will help it to maintain its freshness. You may think that keeping your coffee in the fridge will help it keep longer. But the problem is that fridges dehydrate foods, which is fine if you have something thats fairly moiste or damp anyway, but something as dry as coffee this actually make them lose freshness even faster than just keeping them in a dark place.

best burr grinder for the money
best burr coffee grinder

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