Best Cooking Thermometers And Digital Meat Thermometers 2016

The secret to taking your cooking to the next level is a good cooking thermometer. Especially if you are cooking think pieces of meat such as a steak or roasting lamb or turkey, cooking it to the right temperature ensures that your meat is cooked safely and to the right degree too. Theres nothing worse than spoiling a good piece of meat by overcooking it. And undercooking can be just as bad and dangerous too as the bacteria may not have been killed off.

Leave in or probe type thermometers are those that you leave with the food with the probe stuck inside it. This allows you to see the temperature of the food easily at any point without interfering with the cooking process.

Instant read thermometers are those where you open the oven or smoker or whatever and stick the probe inside to quickly take a reading and then remove. If you know you are going to need to move the meat around anyway then these are probably more convenient. Also large pieces of meat cook at different rates especially if they include bones, so for those having a quick readout in a number of places is essential to good cooking.

A good thermometer needs to be easy to clean without becoming damaged as you are likely to push the probe into meats at verious levels of cooking including uncooked. So look for waterproof or splashproof models designed to be cleaned often.

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