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Choosing cookware can be difficult given the number of different options out there. If you are on a tight budget then there is a lot of non stick cookware available, but the downside is that you need to take care especially with the cheaper non stick cookware as the non stick coating can be easily scratched for instance with metal utensils.

If you want good quality cookware that works well but will also take lots of punishment without having to worry about which utensils you use with it then stainless steel cookware is a great option. Although it can be more expensive, stainless steel cookware has great cooking properties and also is about as hard wearing as you can get when it comes to cookware.

What are the pros and cons of the various types of cookware

Cookware Ratings 2014

Probably the most popular types of cookware are ones made from Aluminium, Stainless Steel , Copper or Cast Iron. Each of these types of cookware are good and bad for various reasons.

Aluminium Pots and Pans 2014

Best Aluminium Non Stick Pots and Pans

Aluminium is commonly used to make non stick pans. Aluminium on its own will leech into food and discolour it so it is generally used with a non stick coating. Aluminium is a fairly good conductor of heat but the downside is that the non stick coating on aluminium pans can easily be damaged. But the upside to aluminium is that it is very lightweight.

A lightweight aluminium non stick pan is very easy to cook with but you do haev to be very careful not to damage the aluminium coating. Its problem wise to buy wooden or plastic utensils to use with your aluminium cookware, which can be purchased very cheaply, to ensure that there is no risk of damaging the non stick coating. Of coarse if you chip or scratch that non stick coating the aluminium underneath is going to react with your food and if any of the non stick coating comes away its likely to come away into your food.

Hard Anodized Aluminium Cookware

Hard anodized aluminium goes through a chemical process that oxidises the surface of the aluminium to create a hard wearing non stick coating. This non stick coating is a lot more scratch and damage resistant that traditional non stick coats, although this can still be damaged so care still needs to be taken.

Stainless Steel Cookware

Stainless steel is one of the most popular types of cookware, especially in professional kitchens and it is so durable and easy to keep clean. Usually it is combined with another metal on the base or sides of the pans to make them conduct heat more evenly, as stainless steel is a relatively poor conductor of heat when used on its own and can lead to uneven cooking.

Copper Cookware

Copper is one of the best conductors of heat and looks really good too. The downside is that copper reacts very easily with the atmosphere so discolors quite quickly. This makes copper cooker a lot more work to maintain as it needs regualar cleaning to keep it looking good. Copper is also very expensive too so its impractical to have a full set of copper cookware. Manufacturers will often line copper cookware with other materials such as stainless steel to help keep the cost down but also to prevent the copper from reacting with the food.

Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron has been around for a long time as cookware. Cast iron conducts heat well and holds the heat in to give a very even cooking especially good for long slow cooking such as stews and soups. The downside is that cast iron cookware can be very heavy, but like stainless steel is very durable and will last you a lifetime or longer.

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cookware ratings 2014
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