Best Dual Fuel Grill 2016

If you love the smokey flavour of charcoal grilling but you also like speed and efficiency of gas grilling then there is an answer. A duel fuel grill will give you both of the benefits of using charcoal but also using gas in one grill.

This gives you the opportunity to cook on charcoal for those foods where that works best or where you want to get the smokey smooth flavour that your food gets from charcoal. Or if you are cooking for speed and less cleanup then you can use gas.

Why A Duel Fuel Grill?

Some people maybe be curious about the benefits of a duel fuel grill. Well thr benefit of gas grills is the convenience to be up and grilling in a short space of time and also the easier cleanup afterwards. The downside is that you dont get that smokey flavour soaking into your food to enjoy from cooking over charcoal.

This is the real benefit of grilling or smoking with charcoal. The smokiness from the charcoal or other smoke source can be used to cook your food long and slow.

Normally you would have to make the choice between one the of grill or the other. With duel fuel grills you get the best of bth worlds. The convenience of the gas grill and the great flavours of a charcoal are combined into one cooking device allowing you to be much more flexible with what and how you cook on the grill.

If you currently have a gas grill, like the taste of cooking food on a charcoal but dont want to commit to charcoal 100%, a duel fuel grill is a good half step. It allows you to try cooking on charcoal if and when you want to. But you are also about to stick to gas when you dont. If course gas grills are always going to be easier and more convenient. But theres always that time when you want to make somethig special and you are looking for the extra flavour that charcoal adds to grilling.

This is also a great way to step up into gas if you are currently a charcoal only griller, but want a little bit of convenience and the chance to grill quickly and easily without mess or fuss once in a while. The ability to choose to grill with charcoal one day or gas the next gives you the ultimate in grilling convenience.

best dual fuel grills
best dual grills

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