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You choice of coffee machine really depends on your coffee taste, how much you want to spend on a coffee machine, and how many extra touches and features you want from a quality coffee machine.There are inexpensive models that can make a reasonable cup of coffee but tend to be lacking in features. Then there are the best coffee machines that make a great cup of coffee, come with lots of features but also tend to be quite a bit more expensive that the most basic models.

Of course the type of machine that you go for really depends on the type of coffee you want to drink and of course your budget. If you want to drink coffee but dont want to spend too much money on your coffee machine you are probably best looking at automatic drip coffee makers. Basic drip coffee machines can often be found for less than $50. Good quality drip coffee machines will set you back round about $100. Even the top quality drip coffee machines can be purchased for around $150, which still makes them cheaper than many entry level espresso machines.

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The easiest way to ensure you are getting the best out of coffee is to make sure its fresh. This means using your coffee not long after roasting, but also grinding the coffee just before use. To help with this, some drip coffee makers feature grinders built into the machine. This means that you can put your coffee inot your machine and then just before you go to brew you can grind out the coffee as you need it. This means that you will get the maximum amount of flavour for your coffee.

Another great option for coffee makers are the single serve coffee makers. These machine have emerged to enable people to get a single cup of coffee very quickly. Unlike drip coffee makers that tend to brew enough for multiple cups of coffee, as the name suggests single serve coffee makers produce one cup of coffee at a time. This means you can get a cup of coffee very quickly. Also the tend to you pods or capsules filled with coffee. This does mean that the coffee can be a little more expensive, but it does also mean that you get a large variety of coffees to choose from without having to buy a whole bag.

Many people love the single serve coffee machines for their pure convenience. They only make one cup of coffee at a time so there is no waste coffee to throw away, and no excess use of electricity keeping a carafe of coffee warm that no one is going to drink and is probably going to be overcooked and bitter anyway.

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