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Tribest Personal Blender
Tribest PB-350 BPA Free
Mason Jar Personal Blender

A smoothie is a blended raw fruit and or vegetable drink and the best way to create one is with a good smoothie blender. Many people love smoothies because they taste great especially those with fruit in. But people are also drinking smoothies for health reasons.

Special smoothie blenders have arisen to make the process of creating smoothies easy. Right here we are going to look at the best smoothie blenders available on the market today.

This is the Tribest PB-350 BPA Free Mason Jar Personal Blender. If your looking for a quick and easy way to make great smoothies without spending too much money then the Tribest PB-350 Personal Blender is a great choice. Its not just useful for smoothies and protein shakes though.

The small containers make it fantastic to use for quickly blending small amounts of food such as nuts and seeds or salad dressings and salsa, without resorting to reaching for a big blender or food processor. Of course this isnt a heavy duty blender such as a Vitamix or a Blendtec, but if you want a good personal blender for occasional use then this Tribest will work well for you.

Healthy Breakfast Smoothies

Quick and Healthy Smoothie Recipes

The best smoothies are smooth and yes quite thick. That why its important to get a smoothie blender and a good smoothie blender, as they are better adapted to making great smoothies.

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If your going to making a lot of smoothies at home, you will tend to freeze your fruit and vegetables so that they keep. Also in the summer you will want to make your smoothies extra cold to make them more refreshing, and even if you are not you will want to add ice to your smoothies to make them that bit colder.

This is where it becomes important that the blender that you choose is up the job of chopping the ice and frozen fruits and vegetables small enough to make your smoothies actually smooth.

KitchenAid 5-Speed Blenders with Polycarbonate Jars

KitchenAid Blenders
KitchenAid 5-Speed Blenders
with Polycarbonate Jars

This 5 speed blender from Kitchenaid is a great choice for making smoothies. This is a good quality blender that will cope with even some fairly thick smoothies.

Kitchenaid are well know for the great designs and fantastic build quality of their kitchen equipment. If you read the reviews you will find customers reporting their Kitchenaid blenders still going strong after five or even ten years of regular everyday use, which is pretty good. This is a powerful blender with great blades.

The best features of this Kitchenaid blender are:

  • Tough polycarbonate jar so no broken glass jar if it slips from your hands
  • Easy to clean and electronic push buttons make it easy to use
  • Great at crushing frozen fruit and ice
  • Dishwasher safe pitcher with soft grip handle for extra grip

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Oster BVCB07-Z Counterforms 6-Cup Glass Jar 7-Speed Blender

Oster Blender
Oster BVCB07-Z Counterforms
6-Cup Glass Jar 7-Speed Blender

A great blender for making smoothies at a great price is this Oster BVCB07-Z 7-Speed Blender. If you trying to put together great smoothie blender recipes you need a blender with a good capacity and that can crush ice with ease. This 6 cup blender with a glass jar will do the job.

The Oster BVCB07-Z comes with a special ice crushing blade that means it can pulverize ice as needed. If your someone that loves a smoothie and makes them every day you need the best smoothie blender you can get for the price. Drop in your ice, milk, ice cream or your frozen fruit and away you go to making great tasting shakes and smoothies.

Reviewers have noted that this is quite a noisy blender, but have put up with the noise as its a powerful and easy to clean blender that comes at a great price. So if you need a good blender for smoothies and shakes, but not quite ready for a Blendtec or a Vitamix, this blender is a great choice.

The great things about the Oster BVCB07-Z Blender are:

  • Powerful value for money blender
  • Preprogrammed settings including frozen drink and food chop
  • Motor can reverse direction mid program to help get food down to the blades.
  • Nice and easy to clean
  • Crushes ice and creates frozen drinks very quickly

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Smoothie Blenders Over $100

Vitamix 5200
Vitamix 5200 – 7 YR WARRANTY Variable Speed
Countertop Blender with 2 HP Motor
and 64-Ounce Jar

Here are some smoothie blenders that cost over $100. These are for you if you are more serious about your smoothies and want the job done well and job done right.

This is the Vitamix 5200 – 7 YR WARRANTY Variable Speed Countertop Blender with 2 HP Motor and 64-Ounce Jar

If you do create a lot of fruit smoothies, green smoothies, frozen drinks and desserts then a heavy duty Vitamix blender is likely to serve you very well. Although they dont come cheap, what you are getting is a very well designed and built blender that will do the job required very well every time. This is the blender you need if smoothies and juices are a big part of your life.

Vitamix blenders are so versatile and with the powerful motor they are great for making shakes and smoothies, soups and marinades and much more. If your looking for kitchen equipment that will help you out and save you time then the Vitamix is it. They are great for juices and smoothies, but are so useful as a blender for so many other things that they are worth the expense, and you will likely find one in many professional kitchens because they are that good.

Top features of the Vitamix 5200 are:

  • Manual controls give you full control of blending
  • Outstanding Vitamix 7 year warranty that comes with great customer support
  • Super powerful heavy duty blender will take anything you can throw at it
  • Detailed cookbook provided

Also if you are blending smoothies on a regular basis these machines will last longer than the lower priced ones. Blending ice and frozen fruit and vegetable is very hard on the blades and the motors so all blenders will have a limited number of uses before they give up.

How long they last really depends on the quality of the blender and how much you use the blender and of course how much serious chopping they have to do. If you are really going to put your smoothie blender through its paces its probably worth spending a little more to get one that will last you years.

The important thing with a smootie blender is that they are well design to chop even frozen fruit and veg down small enough so you dont end up with big lumps. People will often drink a smoothie with a straw, and that isnt going to work if the big lumps cause the straw to get blocked. This is why the best smootie makers have powerful motors and good sharp durable blades that make short work of ice and frozen veg and fruit.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with blenders and smoothie makers is to overfill the jar. If the pitcher is too full its going to be difficult for the content to move around and get chopped so about 2/3 full is probably ideal. If you just whip the odd smoothie now and again and your on your own its probably best to go for one of the personal blenders. But if your a big smoothie maker or have a large family with a lot of smoothie lovers then maybe one of the larger capacity models will work better for you.

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