Best Solid Copper Mugs For Moscow Mules 2016

If you are looking for solid copper moscow mule mugs then you have come to the right place. Moscow mules are the famous drink that many people love, and to achieve the best and most authentic tast you really need to drink them from solid copper mugs. That combination of lime juice, vodka and ginger beer works well, but is even better when you drink it from a solid copper mug.

A real moscow mule needs to be made in an unlined solid copper mug. There are other ways they can be made but in those case you arent going to end up with a proper Moscow Mule and it wont taste the same. The way to get a real moscow mule is for the liquid to come into contact with the copper. Without that you are not making a Moscow Mule, so if you want an authentic version, then you really need a solid copper mug that has not be lined or lacquered.

The main reason people will go for a lined version is of course that copper is going to oxidise over time. That is why when you buy an unlined solid copper mug is makes sense to by some copper cleaner at the same time. If you have a copper mug and it doesnt oxidise it very likely that it has been lined or lacquered and you arent really making proper Moscow Mules. The best way to keep the tarnish effect at bay is to hand wash and then dry thoroughly.

If you are worried about the dangers out of drinking from an unlined copper mug, you should not. Most drinking water pipes are made from copper, so this is not more dangerous than drinking water from you tap at home.

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