Coffee and Tea

Coffee Gifts

There are various types of coffee gifts that you can give to your friends.

Coffee is so much a part of our life nowadays that people are also giving coffee gifts. People have designed coffee gifts and gift baskets that please everyone from the regular drinkers to the occasional ones. When the coffee gift comes to one’s mind than it starts with a real gourmet coffee but it can’t be only coffee it is surrounded by biscotti, cookies, chocolates and many treats that make it a perfect coffee gift.

People send only real coffee when it comes to coffee gifts they don’t blend in cheaper coffee or include instant coffee packs. The coffee usually includes the ground coffee which is ideal for most drip coffee makers and French presses. The coffees are fresh and not flavored. But the people who like a bit of flavoring are also not neglected. For them they give chocolate spoons and coffee flavoring and one can still taste a good coffee when one flavors it.

A good coffee gift starts with a real coffee and than all the treats to make the coffee gift look different from the other gifts.

Anybody who wants a coffee gift doesn’t want a powdered pack coffee. They want to smell a fresh coffee. One even has to choose a unique kind of basket for a perfect coffee gift. It can’t be the one which can hide a rarely fresh coffee which is usually flavored to hide its poor quality. And the basket is up for sale for months. One should avoid these kinds of coffee gifts.

There are various kind of gifts one can make for a perfect coffee gift such as a Sumatra Mandheling which is one of the fullest body coffees of the world, with low acidity, and a great taste. Then there is Guatemala Antigua a rich and aromatic coffee with a hint of spicy fruit. Then the Panama a natural, creamy flavor coffee with fruit finish. And last but not the least the dark, European roast coffee with a light smoky flavor.

Green Coffee Roasters

Green Coffee Roasters can be used at home as well as for commercial purposes. There are various stages of roasting such as light, medium, full roast and double roast.

The coffee nut in its original form is red in color and roasting of the bean or fruit leads to the final state of consumption by avid coffee lovers throughout the world. The ever growing popularity of coffee has made the art of roasting coffee evolve as a science with emphasis on the various process getting fine tuned with state of the art research and development. Green coffee roasters remove the water content from the bean and help it in getting completely dry.

The temperatures are maintained at a very high 370 F – 540 F. The beans are in constant motion during the entire course of the process so that uniformity is maintained. The beans after the roasting process is over are cooled quickly so that over roasting does not spoil the taste of coffee. The outer skin of the coffee bean is shed during the process.

There are a lot of coffee makers which have started coming with in built roasters to promote a new meaning to the term fresh coffee. Grounding the coffee through these machines takes less than 15 minutes and a passionate coffee lover would love to have his coffee fresh and hot. The aroma of freshly grounded coffee is something any coffee lover would cherish every day. Roasting and having your own cup of fresh coffee is a dream come true for the avid coffee lover.

Best Green Coffee

If you want to buy green coffee beans which are fresh as well as cheap then this could be the most important article you will ever read.

Most of the times, the green coffee you buy is so old that its entire flavor is lost and it smells awful. The sellers don’t care! All they want you to do is to buy their coffee, no matter if it was kept for years in a warehouse.

You want coffee which is fresh and which satisfies the cravings of your taste buds and you want to get the smell of fresh coffee when you wake up in the morning.

I am sure you know about it, but let me remind you that there are many different grades of coffee depending on where it was grown and if you have still not made up your mind as to which grade of coffee you want to buy, then do so now. You don’t want to get confused when you are out there making a buying decision. Trust me, it will get harder when you see the different kinds of coffee available.

Just to make it a little easier for you, here are some of the most popular green coffee beans that people are buying like crazy. Choose from among these and you would surely have made a good choice.

So, the most popular green coffee beans are:

1. Costa Riccan Tarrazu

2. Colombian Supremo

3. Tanzanian Peaberry

4. Sumatra Mandheling

5. And many more than I could list here

After you have decided which type of green coffee beans you want to buy, then I am sure you would like to know how to get them for cheap and by cheap I don’t mean inferior. I mean you would be getting the best kind of coffee you want for a price that you would gladly pay. The secret is to buy 5 pounds of coffee at a time. Yes, trust me. I have found out that you get the best price breaks when you buy 5 pounds at a time.

Coffee By Coffee Illy

Coffee Illy has made the means of drinking coffee into an art form where each sip of coffee is swirled in the mouth to create a perfect balance of aroma and flavor leaving a lingering taste.

The history of coffee is interlinked with many societies of the world where the brew is both sacred and banned.

Can anyone believe that coffee as a drink was banned in certain countries of the world? There were political and religious grounds for the ban. Such a discrimination against coffee is unthinkable in today’ world where it is one of the most consumed drink preferred by young and old alike.

Coffee Illy has the distinction of producing one of the finest coffees in the world in a natural way. A blend of Arabica beans sourced from nine different regions of the world where coffee beans are grown in a scientific way is then brought together in a systematic way to enhance the flavor and aroma of this unique coffee.

Countries like Ethiopia, India, Brazil, Columbia and Costa Rica are the preferred destinations from where the coffee bean is sourced. Maybe this is the secret to the success of this brand of coffee as it blends unique taste distinct to the region with a universal appeal.

The blend of coffee nuts from various countries around the world is tried and tested periodically so that the discerning coffee lover gets the taste he or she loves and longs for. The soil of each country adds a distinct flavor to the coffee nut procured from that region and magic of the blend creates a magic that is so unique of Illy.

Coffee has travelled a long way. From been initially consumed in the Middle East and then slowly but gradually spreading across the world coffee has become the staple drink in most countries. The health benefits of coffee are also been well studied and documented. Companies like Illy which are among the pioneers in this field have benefitted a lot from the research and development in this regard.

Benefits Of Organic Coffee

Organic coffee is certainly gaining popularity these days. Learn why it organic coffee is good for you.

Coffee drinkers – do you know the amount of harmful elements that are there in your cup of coffee? And that’s not all, the amount of harm that growing coffee does to the ecology is even greater.

If you just knew the harmful effects of coffee, I am sure you wouldn’t want to drink coffee ever again.i.e. You wouldn’t want to drink normal coffee ever again.

There would be only one choice for you and that would be “Organic Coffee”

But first, let me tell you how harmful your normal everyday coffee is.

First of all, due to the enormous demand of coffee, farmers use all kinds of pesticides and fertilizers to make sure that they get good yield. This is the reason why people are suffering from diseases such as cancer, diabetes, liver diseases and even hair loss.

And if you are thinking that coffee contains a lot of antioxidants then you are far from the truth, because the harmful chemicals used just depletes the amount of antioxidants present in coffee and thus reduces the health benefits of drinking coffee.

Moreover the fertilizers and pesticides used are harmful to the earth and almost render it useless after a few years. Even the underground water supply gets polluted because of these fertilizers and thus even the water you drink is full of pesticides.

So, if you are using normal coffee, then all you are getting is caffeine, which is addictive in nature, along with other chemicals which harms you and even the environment in which it is grown.

On the other hand organic coffee bean is grown without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. The number of trees is also increased so as to attract more birds to the area that will in turn eat the bugs there, keeping the coffee plant unharmed.

In other words, organic coffee bean is grown in a way that nature intended it to be grown. No more artificial stuff is used any more chemicals and thus it keeps the flavor of the coffee intact along with a beautiful aroma which pleases your senses.

And that’s not all. Organic coffee is just full of antioxidant which keeps you feeling fresh throughout the day.

So, the next time you go out to buy coffee, make sure it’s organic.