2016 Cookware Sets Review Consumer Reports

If you are looking to buy a new cookware set to replace some you already have or you are setting up your first home, it can be quite a challenge with so much choice right now. If you are someone that likes to cook then you also what to ensure you get the best cookware to cook with at a value for money price.

induction cookware reviews consumer reports

2016 Best Cookware Reviews Ratings

So what is the best cookware on the market right now. Really it depends what you are looking for. If its durability and easy maintenance then stainless steel is likely to be the most popular as it is virtually indestructible and is likely to last you a lifetime if you buy a quality brand.

Non stick cookware has its critics these days, but if you want relatively inexpensive cookware pans for a gas range that you arent expecting to use forever then non stick cookware is very easy to cook with, and can last you a long time if you are very careful with it.

Best Cookware Brand On The Market 2016

There are some fantastic ranges of cookware on the market today that give you so much choice when it comes to cookware. Of course it depends what kind of cookware you are after, but some of the well known brands such as Cuisinart, All-Clad and Tefal, have great ranges of cookware. Some brands are known for their great ranges of particular types of cookware.

For instance All-Clad are know to be a very high quality manufacturer of stainless steel cookware, so if you are looking for stainless steel cookware for your kitchen, this is the brand that most stainless steel cookware tens to be compared to.

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