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24 Oz Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

If you like your Moscow mules then you really need to be drinking them from the traditional hammered Moscow mule mugs. A nice set of solid copper mugs for your Moscow mules would be a great addition to the home bar, to help you get that authentic taste.

Moscow mules were popularised to help the sale of vodka and ginger beer, two of the essential ingredients for a good Moscow mule, as well as ice and lemon or lime juice. Many people say you cant get the authentic taste of a classic 1940s Moscow mule unless you are drinking it from a 100% copper cup.

Where To Buy Moscow Mule Copper Mugs 2016

If you love the taste of Moscow Mules then you really need to drink it in an authentic copper moscow mule mug. That combination of vodka, lime juice, ice and ginger beer works best when that combination hits your mouth when it has been prepared in a genuine copper mug. This is a wholly american drink, although the Moscow emphasis comes from the original idea for promoting vodka and also for the promotion of ginger beer sales in the US.

This drink that was dreamt up by drinks company executives in the bar of the Chatham hotel, and became a very popular drink and still is.The copper mug was part of the sales pitch used when they companies were trying to sell the idea of vodka and Moscow mules to bars and bartenders. eventually the drink became very popular in a number of key locations, and hence this spread to give the popularity of the Moscow mule today.

Best Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mugs 2016

Why Is A Moscow Mule Served In A Copper Mug

Coppertisan Moscow Mule Copper Mugs
Coppertisan Moscow Mule Copper Mugs
Hammered- 16 Oz
Handmade of 100% Pure Copper

The Moscow Mule is probably one of the simplest cocktails you can make. All that this great drink requires is vodka, ginger beer, lime juice and some ice. Of course to get the really authentic Moscow Mule taste, you need make it in a solid copper mug.

No one knows if its just a placebo effect, but many people say that a Moscow Mule actually tastes better when drunk from a solid copper mug. And hey even if it doesnt, its always nice to drink the right drink out of the right glass or mug. Its just somehow makes it seem that little bit more special.

But is there any truth to the fact that Moscow Mules taste better from a copper mug? We dont really know but if you look at most of the popular cocktails out there, you will find that there is a great story behind them and it just seems to make the drink seem so much better if there is a great romantic story around it.

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Moscow Mule Copper Cup

Moscow Mule Mugs For Sale

Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mug
Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mug
16oz Authentic Moscow Mule Mugs

Oggi Moscow Mule
Oggi Moscow Mule
Copper Mug 20-Ounce

Solid Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set
Solid Moscow Mule Set
Pure Copper With Shot Glass and Ice Ball Maker

DakshCraft Handmade Pure Copper Hammered Moscow Mule Mug
DakshCraft Handmade Pure Copper
Hammered Moscow Mule Mug
Set of 4 with 2 Copper Shot Mugs

Moscow Mule Solid 100% Pure Copper Unlined Mug
Moscow Mule Solid 100%
Pure Copper Unlined Mug

Hammered Copper Moscow Mule Mug Handmade
Hammered Copper Moscow Mule Mug
Handmade of 100% Pure Copper
Brass Handle Hammered Moscow Mule Mug

Do You Really Need Copper Mugs To Make A Great Moscow Mule

Well this is the billion dollar question, which may or may not matter a great deal if you actually enjoy moscow mules anyway. But the main thing is does it add to the fun of drinking a great cocktail, adding a little bit of tradition to the drink by creating a little story around it. Well we think it does, and may even add to the great taste of this alcoholic drink.

Copper mugs are great for enjoying Moscow Mules. for one thing they just look cool to drink out of for just one particular drink. Some say the copper helps to conduct the cold from the ice to your lips helping with the flavour. Others say that the copper actually oxidising when it comes into contact with the vodka and ginger beer which enhances the flavour. And another school of thought is that all that is bogus, but drinking out of a copper mug for Moscow mules just adds to the entertainment factor and the experience. Hey, at the end of the day, if you enjoy a great drink, and a copper mug makes it taste better and look cool, why not!

Making Of A Hand Made Copper Cup For Moscow Mules

Lined or Unlined Copper Mugs? Are Copper Mugs Safe

The Classic Moscow Mule Copper Mug

Traditionally Moscow Mules were always served in mugs that were pure copper, and for the reasons above the copper picks up the cold feeling from the cool drink and the ice, as copper is a great conductor so transfers heat or cold very quickly. That and we like copper mugs just because they are beautiful. The look and color of copper almost makes it a work of art, whether thats in a copper mug, stainless steel cookware or a dish. It also gives a rustic feel that gives a retro look to wherever you use it.

The problem with pure copper is that it reacts with other substances, especially when heat and acidic liquids are part of the equation. Also although copper exists in quantities in our bodies and in food, it is only in trace quantities. Large quantities of copper can make you ill and cause real problems with bodily functions. So it is a good question to ensure copper mugs are safe. But the answer is yes, in the forms we are using copper, it is safe.

Lets have a look at the 2 types of copper mugs available on the market right now. There are lined and unlined copper mugs that are used for Moscow Mules. Are the lined mugs safe? The answer is yes they are. Lined copper is lined with nickel, tin or stainless steel on the surfaces that come into contact with liquids. This ensures that the liquid and the copper cannot react together. This means you can drink your Moscow Mules from a lined copper cup or mug with no worries that the copper is reacting and leeching into your drink and slowly poisoning you.

The area where there is concern is with unlined copper mugs. In these mugs the pure copper is exposed to the liquids that we consume. Even in an unlined mug though we are generally safe, as we are not introducing heat which can cause the copper to react. Some may be concerned that the ginger ale used in Moscow Mules may cause the copper to react in an unlined mug. But we are even safe there, as ginger is alkaline and not acid. This means it wont react with the copper in the mug, but also ginger is very good for settling the acid in your stomach, which is why ginger beer is great to drink if you are suffering from heartburn.

So if you are drinking from unlined copper mugs, which are more traditional for Moscow Mules, please ensure you are only using them for cold drinks, and also ensure that you drink nothing acidic from a copper mug, cup or jug. As long as you do that you should be safe from the effects of leeching, but if you are still unsure, then buy a lined copper mug so you have no chance of copper getting into your food.

Aha you will say, dont Moscow Mules contain lime juice, an acid that will react with the unlined copper? Yes this is a fact. In fact lime or lemon juice is known from childhood experiments to be a great way to clean oxidised copper pennies. But wait, didnt we say above that Moscow Mules contain ginger beer, an alkali. And a lot more ginger beer than lime juice? Why yes, and if you recall from school chemistry an acid and alkali will cancel each other out. So the fact that you have more ginger beer than lime juice should neutralise the acidic effects of the lime juice, making that safe.

One bit of advice I would give is to not put sliced lime in direct contact with the copper on the side of the mug. if you do this the lime juice will strip the oxidised copper from the mug, just like from a copper penny. And what happens to the oxidised copper. Well that goes into your drink! So in my opinion lime juice will be safe in an unlined mug as that will be neutralized by the ginger beer. Just be careful exposing limes to the side of the mug where it can directly contact the unlined metal.

So there is a chance that you could be getting copper from the reaction of the acidic lemon or lime and an unlined copper mug. So my advice would be to stick to lined copper mugs. But if you want to be traditional and use an unlined mug, ensure you arent using too much lime juice and plenty of ginger beer and do not leave the Moscow Mule standing for too long.

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