Best Lunch Boxes For Men 2020

If you are looking for the best lunch box for men thats available there are many different choices available right now. Depending on what work your man or you does then it could be that the lunch box needs to be used in all sorts of conditions.

If the lunch box is likely to be used outdoors a lot or thrown in th eback of a truck with gear then it probably needs to be touch and there are some great touch lunchboxes available that will ensure that the food doesnt get thrown around and turn into a mess en route.

Lunch Boxes For Adults 2020

Lunch Boxes For Adults 2020

Deluxe Lunch Box with Flatware & Napkin
Deluxe Lunch Box with Flatware & Napkin

Looking for the best lunch boxes for adults that you can find? A lunch box is something that is probably going to get used day in, day out. So you need something that is very hard wearing plus has lots of sections for the different foods its going to hold.

You also want to be sure that it protects the food well as you dont want to end up with you or your family opening their lunch box to find a sticky mush or that the lunch has ended up all mixed up and messy.

We have listed some of the best selling and highest rated lunch boxes for adults that are available right now. Below we have listed some of the best adult lunch boxes available.

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This is a nice and large lunchbox which is great for those that have quite a bit of food to carry. Maybe not for you if you just want to carry a small quick lunch. But if you need to watch what you eat, you may also want to carry assorted healthy snacks and bites to eat throughout the day so you are not tempted to hit the vending machine at work. This comes with plenty of insulated compartments to hold different food, drinks and containers.

Made with a durable nylon body outer layer, this is a well made lunch container. It also comes with essential lunch accessories included so no need to transport extra of those too. Nicely padded and seperated to stop the food from getting squashed.

The main features of this deluxe lunch box are:

  • Made from durable materials to last
  • Insulated hot and cold sections
  • Side pockets
  • Knife, fork, spoon and napkin included
  • Also come with salt and pepper shaker
  • Flatware section keeps accessories nicely stored

Stanley Classic Lunchbox Cooler & Bottle Combo

Stanley Classic Lunchbox Cooler & Bottle Combo
Stanley Classic Lunchbox Cooler & Bottle Combo

Stanley have been long known for their quality thermos going back many years. And Stanley already has a great reputation for high quality and this Stanley lunchbox combination of a high quality thermos and top quality cooler doesnt disappoint. The thermos is a vacuum flask thermos which is very good at holding temperature.

This thermos will keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold. Reviews have mentioned drinks being kept hot for over 24 hours in this flask. This is a very well made combination of stainless steel and strong plastic.

The Stanley cooler is also very good at keep food cool as it needs to be if its sitting around unprotected all day. With a locking handle that keeps the cool and the thermos shut together tight, you can be sure that your lunch will remain intact and at the right temperature for you to enjoy.

If your looking for a well made lunchbox, that is built to last and will take the rigours of being on the move and bounced around in a vehicle then this lunch box should definitely be on your list. Just note that this is a large lunchbox, so maybe not ideal if you want something discrete for the office.

The key features of the Stanley lunchbox cooler are:

  • 1.1 quart insulated steel wall vacuum thermos flask
  • Sectioned cooler interior with insulation
  • BPA free plastics used throughout so no leeching into food
  • Bottle, cooler, lid and handle all lock together to keep everything secure
  • Large cooler with plenty of space for lunch and snacks throughout the day

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Stanley Cooler

Adult Lunch Boxes

Insulated Lunch Boxes For Adults

Zojirushi Bento
Zojirushi SL-NCE09 Ms. Bento
Stainless-Steel Vacuum Lunch Jar

This stainless steel Bento lunch jar from Zojirushi is a great way to carry your lunch for the day.

With three seperate containers that pop inside the main housing this allows you to be really versatile about what you can take for lunch. The stainless steel jar is also insulated to keep your lunch hot or cold.

The included containers are all useable in the microwave so you can heat up your food easily before you go out and know that it is going to stay hot until lunchtime or whenever you are ready to eat.

The liquid container means that you can keep a soup hot or a drink cold and is designed to be spill proof. And it even comes with its own spoon fork so you dont even need to carry additional cutlery with you.

The main features of the Ms Bento jar are:

  • Stainless steel insulated jar
  • Comes with its own carry bag for easy transportation and includes a fork spoon
  • 3 seperate BPA free microwave friendly plastic containers that go within the jar
  • Keeps food hot or cold for hours so great where you dont have access to a fridge
  • Easy to clean

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