Best Spiral Vegetable Slicers Reviews 2020

If you are into eating healthily and enjoying raw food then a spiral vegetable sliver is a must. These fantastic little gadgets allow you to create great raw food form vegetables including vegetable spaghetti. This allows you to quickly and easily create great raw food recipes. Spiral vegetable slicers can also be used to make eating vegetables interesting, exciting and fun. This is a great way to make vegetables cool for kids too.

Add your raw food spaghetti to a beautiful pasta sauce, and this gives you a great and healthy alternative pasta, that is great even for those that usually eat meat. Japanese turning vegetable slicers as they are also known are a quick and easy way to produce beautiful vegetables in a unique way. Fantastic for vegetarians and raw foodies, and great for making vegetables fun and interesting too

Best Spiral Vegetable Slicer

Best Electric Can Opener Reviews 2020

Can openers may not be glamorous but they do come in extremely handy, especially for opening cans. Many can openers now save you the hand twisting pain of having to fight to open your cans as they do much of the magic for you. Also they are design features too, so you can get a can opener that will keep the style of your kitchen.

Some can openers even come with extra features, for instance some feature built in knife sharpers to make it quick and easy to ensure you are uising a knife that isn’t dull, and also bottle opens so you never have to track down the location of a bottle open for your beer again

Best Electric Can Opener 2014
Best Electric Can Opener Consumer Reports

Orange Theme Kitchen Decorating Ideas

If you want a totally unique look to you kitchen that makes a strong statement then a vibrant oange kitchen is the way to go. Orange is a great way to go as a main color on walls or cabinets or as an accent color to add really warm touches to a room. Orange allows you to be unique and imaginative and always has a sense of fun too.

decorating ideas for an orange kitchen