Green Juice Recipe 2016

Juicing is a great way to improve your diet. Green juices avoid the high sugar content of most fruit juices and go for juicing vegetables or a mixtures of fruit and vegetables for a more palatable taste. This allow you to get the many health benefits of eat raw unprocessed vegetables without the heavy digestive demands that eating the equivalent amount of food unjuiced would place on your system.

There are many health benefits from eating raw foods either as green juices or even green smoothies, such as weight loss as you arent consuming as much junk and healthy immune system. The one benefit many people find is that they actually have more energy too.

Best Juicer Reviews 2016

If you are looking to get more serious about improving your health then you are probably looking at juicing as part of that. Juicing lets you get at the best of the goodness from fruit and vegetables but regular juicing requires a good juicer.

There are many cheaper juicers on the market if you are not looking to juice that regularly. But for those that are including regular juicing in their diet then its best to spend a bit more and go for a high quality and more heavy duty juicer. The better juicers will juice faster and easier, get more juice out of your produce and will be easier to clean too.

Benefits Of Juicing

Most of us know that consuming fresh fruit and vegetables as part of our diet is better for us. It helps us to look better and feel better after all. But there is a lot of talk about the benefits of juicing which should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Of course we would all love to eat lots of fruit and vegetables every days, and while usually its pretty easy to consume plenty of fruit if we really want, consuming a lot does tend you leaving feeling quite full a lot of the time. And for vegetable its even more difficult and many vegetables dont taste that great unless they and cooked and we dont really want to consume them in large quantities at once because its hard.

So one of the big benefits of juicing is that you can get a lot more of the goodness that you need from fruit and vegetables without being restricted because of the sheer volume of fruit and veg you need to eat. Of course you are missing out on some of the fibre, but this is the part of the fruit and vegetable that is going to really fill you up. So getting rid of most of the fibre means that you do lose some of the nutrients from the fruit and vegetable but on the other hand you can actually consume more than you would normally.

Juicing has been said to help solve many problems that people can encounter with their health. Now although there arent many conclusive studies to back this up, we do know that healthy eating can help or even remove many issues. So juicing cant be bad for you and is more than likely extremely good for you. Many juice fans claim to see and improvement in their energy levels and get-up-and-go when they add juices to their diet.

Many juice fans will say that juicing allows you to digest the nutrients more easily. We are not so convinced on this as the body tends to take in as many nutrients as it needs and any more will generally be flush away in the digestive process. We prefer to look at juicng as a great way to ensure you are at least getting the nutrients that you need, but be wary of saying that its some sort of super food method that will solve all of your problems, just by drinking 1 or 2 juices a day.

Some hard core juicers promote the idea of juice fasts, where you live on just juice for 1 or more days. If you do decide to engage in that kind a dramatic diet, make sure you have been drinking juices for a while first to allow your body to get used to that much juice. It might even be worth visiting your doctor to ensure they dont see any issues with a potential juice fast, and this goes double if you have some sort of medical condition that you dont want to interfere with, especially if you are on medication.

The word is take care, and do everything in moderation. And as with all things, read up on the subject and be sure you are fully aware of the facts before making a major change to your diet. Then once you start juicing, break yourself in gently. Start with fruit and vegetables that you know you like, and move onto the stuff thats less tasty later on when you are used to juicing and your tastebuds have adapted a bit. But also dont forget to enjoy it. Combine your fruits and vegetables to make tasty juices. If they taste disgusting you wont want to drink them for very long.