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So what are the best microwaves available today. Countertop microwaves have long been popular just for sheer convenience although often these days we want as much countertop space as we can get so having the microwave integrated with the rest of the appliances can often do that.

Over the range microwaves allow you to have the microwave just where you need it where you cook the rest of the families meals. this gives you back valuable counter space too. Of course when choosing a microwave you need to ensure you want as many useful features as you can get for you money. Also make sure that the model you get is powerful enough for your needs.

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highest rated countertop microwave 2016

2016 Top 10 Best Countertop Microwaves

If you are in a hurry then having a top rated countertop microwave in your kitchen is an essential tool. Even if you just want to quickly heat up a quick tv dinner before going out or to help prepare some ingredients for baking, a microwave just makes all these tasks easier.

Depending on how many will be using your microwave and how much food you are likely to be cooking in it will help to determine the best size of microwave for you. A full size microwave is great if you have a bug kitchen and a large family. A smaller more compact model will work well if you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen or you are not likely to use your microwave very often.

Modern microwaves come with lots of presets that make it quick and easy to reheat and cook a range of different foods. They are also very handy if you want to defrost items from the freezer for cooking. Many microwaves includes sensors to check that you have heated items just long enough and not too much.

A on pact microwave can be a handy convenience item to keep in your garage, or fantastic for students who may want an easy way to cook something fast in the dorm room. These make it easy to prepare a meal or snack very quickly without having to wander all the way the the kitchens.

If you are looking for more cooking ability and a greater set of features then look at a larger countertop microwave model. They will have much more presets and allow you to cook a great quantity of food at once. Maybe of the larger models also have a higher power rating which ms that your food will actually cook faster and thus save you time preparing your meals.

A microwave is something that you coukd be using for many years so it’s worth thinking about which features are going to be the most important ones for you and ensuring that the model you choose have those

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If you are looking for a good microwave it’s best to start out by thinking about what your are going to use it for. Most microwaves can do a good job of the basics such as reheating food and defrosting fast.

If you want more from your microwave then that’s when you want to start looking at models with more features on offer. Things like various cooking cooking options and timers or convection oven features make a basic microwave much more useful in your kitchen.

As the microwave ovens get smarter, you will see that there are a wide range of models with many greats time saving features and presets. One of the handiest features that are getting added to microwaves more and more are conventional ovens.

This allows your microwave to act as a backup oven for the main oven in your kitchen and also means you have the opportunity for using that second oven for cooking smaller items that can quickly and easily save you time and energy.

Of course one thing to consider is tgr size of the microwave oven that you buy. Ensure you are not buying a large microwave oven when you only have a small space. A large microwave with many additional features can be very handy but not if it is taking up all the countertop space available in your kitchen.

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