Ninja Express Chop Food Processor 2016

The ultimate hummus and salsa maker for the budget-minded foodie

Ninja Express Chop
Ninja Express Chop

I wanted to make hummus a few days ago really bad but whenever I try to mash the chickpeas with a potato masher or spoon it never turns out right so I bought a nice little food processor/chopper to make the job easier. The processor I bought was the Ninja Express Chop and so far after two days of use I’m pretty satisfied with it.

This is the Ninja Express Chop

It has an interesting design where the motor sits on top of the bowl and attaches to the very sharp four-bladed spindle through the top. The thing I love the most besides how easy to clean this thing is would be the fact that you can close the hole where the motor attaches once you remove it and use the processor bowl to store the hummus, chopped veggies, salsa, or whatever you made.

To clean it you simply lift the motor unit from the bowl, take the lid off, pull the blade spindle out, and then run them all under hot water or throw in the dish washer. Also, the spindle is designed so that as long as you aren’t processing super wet foods the motor unit won’t even get food on it.

On Amazon it the Ninja Express Chop food processor has a solid 4.5 star rating with many great reviews. A few people were able to find it in a local store cheaper and some people had problems with the unit burning out on them. From my experience it was people who were making hummus that had these problems and that’s probably because they just dumped all of the ingredients into the bowl and held down the power button.

The trick to this chopper is to add a portion of your ingredients, pulse it a few times, add some more, repeat. Also, when your mixture gets too thick you either need to do short pulses or add a liquid to thin it out to stop the motor from struggling. BUT this isn’t a downside to the product it’s simply how good hummus is made and I should know because I make and eat it 4-5 times a week.

If you want an affordable food processor/blender/chopper that is very easy to clean and maintain buy a Ninja Express Chop and spend the money you save on better ingredients!

Ninja express chop recipes
ninja express chopper recipes

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