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Best Electric Smokers Under $200 2016

If you are looking for the best electric smoker you can find but you want to keep to a budget of $200 there is a selection of smokers that will still perform well. For less than 200 dollars you arent going to get lots of features or accessories that will make smoking easier but you can still get a good basic electric smoker that can help you to produce some great food.

When looking for a good budget smoker look for the essential features. Certainly having as much capacity as possible is one as you don’t want to be restricted on how much food you can cook. A lot of extras you can make up for by purchasing gadgets elsewhere but if the smoker is too small for your needs you are going to struggle.

Also look for your smoker to have simple and reliable controls as this will make working with it much easier.

best smokers under $200
best electric smoker under 200 dollars