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Read K Cup Coffee Maker Reviews for Single Serve Flavor Options

For single serve brewing options, read K cup coffee maker reviews. Keurig makes a few models. Even if you know you want a single serve machine, you must then select the most suitable model. There are many different features of various models.

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The most important feature of all machines is the use of the special pre-measured packet that fits into the basket. The machine then processes the water to product a perfect cup of brew every time. There is no guesswork in how much ground or whole bean product to use. Packets for this brand of machine are available in many different brands and roasts. You can choose from Starbucks, Green Mountain, Newman’s Own, Wolfgang Puck and Caribou, just to name a few. You can also select from hundreds of different flavors within each brand.

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What makes this type of machine special is that you can change from one type or brand of brew to another, with each new cup. You will save money in the end, if you usually make a pot or half pot in a typical machine and only drink one or two cups.

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There are brewer models for those who drink one or two small cups. The B30 personal mini brewer is ideal for the morning coffee drinker who limits their intake or for those who have an occasional cup of brew. It provides an 8 ounce cup in three minutes. This product comes in a basic white, but features attractive stainless steel accents, for a bit of style. It can be purchased for roughly $90.00

The B140 brews a portable mug full, so you can take your warm brew with you in the morning or like a larger serving. It can also make smaller 6 and 8 ounce cups. This model is prices around $129. This model comes in black with stainless steel accents. While it can be used at home, it is also a great machine to have in a small office.

The B31 model mini brewer also provides 8 ounces, but takes up less space on the counter. It comes in a black finish with stainless steel accents and hot plate, for a unique and contemporary look. At just under $100, this modern looking machine moderately priced and provides a look of its own, for those who want more modern looking appliances.

Because there are many different models, some products will be more highly received than others. There are many places you can go to on the internet, so read what consumers like and dislike about these products.