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Copper Mug Drinks

What is it about copper drinking cups that makes them so special. Its really odd that this strange little material has become a eye catching common sight for certain drinks. Probably the most common drink, certainly is the USA for the little common mug is the Moscow Mule.

Now how much the copper mug makes a difference to the taste of the drink has long been debatable. But to a real enthusiast for drinks such as the Moscow Mule, the fact of whether it is served in a copper cup or not will make a big difference to the drink because of course they want their cocktail to be authentic and not just in the taste.

So why did copper get used in mugs in the first place? Well copper is one of the most versatile and useful materials available and has been for a long time. Copper has been popular for cups and cookware and mainly because its very easy to form copper. If you see a craftsman at work, you can see that they can easily make shapes with copper and machining and plating it is very easy.

Solid Copper Mugs

Copper Cup Benefits

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