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Best Blender for Smoothies

Best Smoothie Blenders for 2013

Hamilton Beach Smoothie Blender
Hamilton Beach
Smart Smoothie Blender

As health in the United States continues to decline many people are looking to get themselves into better health and wellness and have been looking towards incorporating juicing and smoothies into their diet as a healthy alternative to snacks and junk food. There’s also a large movement of people who use juicers and blenders for smoothies to prepare a raw vegan diet. Juicing and smoothies provide much healthier and more nutritious food and even if you aren’t ready to take the plunge into a raw diet or juicing diet you can certainly have a fruit and vegetable smoothie for breakfast and as a replacement for snacks when you’re hungry. Kids also love when you make them fresh fruit smoothies and fruit drinks.

When buying a blender for making smoothies the number of blender models available can make it hard to decide which one you need. Higher-speed blenders such as the ones offered by Vitamix and Blendtec are the primary choice of raw vegans and people who consume smoothies and juices as a major part of their diet. They’re a bit more expensive than that brands and models of smoothie blenders you would find at your local Walmart but they last longer and produce better results in less time. My favorite feature of the Vitamix blenders is the stir rod built into the lid that helps you to push down your fruits and vegetables and get a more complete blending. Expect to spend about $300-500 for a quality high-speed blender.

If a high-speed blender is beyond your budget than you can go with any mid-range countertop blender from Oster or Hamilton Beach. These blenders can be had for as little as $30. I wouldn’t go with anything cheaper than this as the really REALLY cheap blenders tend to wear out quickly under heavy use.

This is the Hamilton Beach Smart Smoothie Blender

best blenders for smoothies
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