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Consumer Reports Over The Range Microwave

Consumer Reports Over The Range Microwave2013

LG OTR 1.8 CF 1100-Watt Microwave
LG OTR 1.8 CF 1100-Watt Microwave

Top rated over the range microwaves will give you all the convenience of a countertop microwave. But they also allow you to position it in the most sensible place for cooking, which is over the range. This is where most cooking takes place so being able to have the microwave there too makes perfect sense.

This 1100 watt microwave from LG is a great choice as an over the range microwave oven. With four out of five stars from Amazon customers its a popular model that works well. It comes in a lovely shade of white which goes very well in most kitchens especially if yours is mostly white already.

This LG microwave works quietly and efficiently as both the microwave itself and the vents are both quiet in operation. Its also quick and easy to install.

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