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Seafood Chowder Jamie Oliver

Everyone seems to love Jamie Olivers seafood dishes. He does have a knack of creating great dishes that are quick and easy to make but that come packed with flavor.

Here he does a fantastic smoky haddock chowder as part of his 30 minute meals series. He also adds great prawns to this too. A chowder is a traditional soup or stew and is a great way to make a flavor packed meal for all the family.

More Seafood Chowders

Jamie isnt the only one with great seafood chower recipes so for some alternatives here are a few more.

Cathal Kavanagh of Cartal House shows you how he prepares a seafood chowder

Candra shows you how she prepares a seafood chowder with lobster and other seafood.

Heres a link to a great page on Pinterest that has lots of different seafood soups and stews on it – Seafood Stews, Soups and Chowders

BBC Food – Seafood Chowder

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jamie oliver clam chowder