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Green Smoothie Tips – How To Make A Green Smoothie

How To Make Green Smoothies

Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, you have probably heard about green smoothies, but might not have taken the plunge and tried one. If you have seen people knocking back a glass of something that looks like it should be used to clean the bath, that weird looking concoction is actually a green smoothie.

If you are wondering what all the fuss is about a green smoothie is a great simple way to improve you nutrition and get a more balanced diet, by adding fruits and vegetables and in particular lots of greens. These are blended in to a healthy glowing green drink that easier to digest than eating the fruits and vegetables on their own, and with the right combination will taste really great too.

Choosing The Best Blender For Making Green Smoothies

You need a good blender for making smoothies if you want them to be really smooth. With many of the best smoothies requiring things to be crush and blended well to get that smooth consistency you need a fabulous blender that isnt going to leave your smoothie with lots of lumps and bits in it.

If you are blending up ice, nuts and oats, some of those are going to be quite difficult for your blender to get really smooth. To get your smoothie really smooth you need a powerful blade that is designed to not let food get trapped under it. You also need a good strong motor that will spin the blade fast enough that it really does a good job getting the ingredients blended to a really smooth consistency.

best blender for green smoothies

What you find with cheap blenders is the motor doesnt tend to be as powerful so you find that you have to blend your smoothies for a lot longer or having to reblend your smoothie because its not smooth enough. So not only will a powerful smoothie blender give you smooth smoothies, it will also save you time.

Of course that extra power and powerful blade will come at a price. The highest rated smoothie blenders tend to be the most expensive too, so that old saying that you get what you pay for still does hold true. But its worth paying a little extra to get a high quality machine that will blender your fruit and vegetable quickly and easily if you want to make healthy green smoothies that you can enjoy.