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Highest Rated Countertop Microwave Ovens 2016

In the search for a top rated microwave oven you might be surprised that there is a wider selection of microwaves with various features and gadgets than you would expect.

Most of us love the convenience of using a microwave to quickly reheat meals or defrost frozen food. But these days good microwaves come with extra features that can make them even more useful.

Some models feature lots of presets that let you heat and cook all types of food perfectly at the push of a button or two. A few models take this even further and include a heat sensor that switches off when the food reaches the right temperature so that there is no chance of over cooking the food.

Combination microwaves take the convenience of a microwave and add to that the usefulness of a convection oven to give you the perfect second oven. Add to that some models even add the ability to broil and you can have the perfect compact sidekick to your main oven. Such combination units are perfect for those small jobs where spending energy on heating up a large oven would just be a waste.

Microwave Oven Buyers Guide

Microwaves are super convenient to have in the kitchen and is often one of the first purchases that people make if they have moved into a new home and dont have any other cooking facilities yet. But once upon a time a microave was a simple device that could really only be used for defrosting frozen foods and heating up leftovers and hot drinks that had gone cold. But todays microwaves are so much more sophisticated and depending on which models you purchase can come with a load of other useful features too.

Look out for microwaves that come with a broiler. Also thought many foods can be heated in a microwave and even cooked, the one thing that was always missing from microwave prepared food was the crispness and browness that you get from cooking food in the conventional oven. But microwaves that feature a broiler solve this problem by letting you brown and crisp your food too. But of course they dont have to be used in conjunction with your microwave, you can use them independently just to broil food in the microwave which is a really handy feature to have.

Convection or combination microwaves as they are also known also add convection cooking facilities to a microwave. This really makes for an all purpose device that can be great as an oven and broiler on its own, or as a backup or replacement for your main conventional oven. Of course this will be a much smaller size than your main kitchen oven which means you generally cant cook as much. But considering that not every meal takes up a whole oven, then this can be a bonus.

The smaller size of the combination microwave means it will heat up mnuch faster and then not use as much energy when it is cooking. Also if you are cooking a large meal and your main oven or ovens are full, then its handy to have a second or third oven available that you can continue cooking with.

best rated countertop microwave ovens 2016