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Best Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

If you really want to enjoy Moscow Mules then you need a copper mug to ensure you have the full experience and remain authentic. Although the Moscow Mule has Moscow in its name, there is no connection with Moscow or Russia with the tenuous connection being the inclusion of vodka in the drink.

But the fact that the Moscow Mule was an invention whipped up in a California bar to encourage the sales of vodka and ginger beer in the USA doesnt really matter at all. Its a really good rasting cocktail that seems to taste better when served in a 100% cupper mug which seems almost designed for Moscow Mules.

Where To Buy Moscow Mule Copper Mugs 2016

If you love the taste of Moscow Mules then you really need to drink it in an authentic copper moscow mule mug. That combination of vodka, lime juice, ice and ginger beer works best when that combination hits your mouth when it has been prepared in a genuine copper mug. This is a wholly american drink, although the Moscow emphasis comes from the original idea for promoting vodka and also for the promotion of ginger beer sales in the US.

This drink that was dreamt up by drinks company executives in the bar of the Chatham hotel, and became a very popular drink and still is.The copper mug was part of the sales pitch used when they companies were trying to sell the idea of vodka and Moscow mules to bars and bartenders. eventually the drink became very popular in a number of key locations, and hence this spread to give the popularity of the Moscow mule today.