Ten Best Blenders For Smoothies On The Market 2016

The best blender to make smoothies should be one that makes it easy to make great and also smooth smoothies from your chosen produce. Making smoothies can be hard on blenders especially if you are using frozen fruit or vegetables for convenience. Let look at the best blenders available for making smoothies for all budgets that are on the market right now.

So why do you need a good blender for making smoothies? Well makibg a tasty but also nutritious smoothie involves pulverizing a lot of different ingredients until.they are smooth. Some of those ingredients are going to be soft or liquid, but some are going to hard such as frozen fruit.

When you put your blender to work on hard ingredients like frozen fruit it puts a lot of strain on the blades,motor and other components. Low priced blenders will struggle to blend these well. What you will find is that it will take much longer to blend your ingredients in a lower end blender. As your blender is working harder the life of the blender will also be shorter.

So the best choice when getting a blender for making smoothies is a mid range or high end blender that has the power and quality to male great smoothies. Of course you get what you pay for so these higher quality blenders are going to cost you more. But if you are making a lot of smoothies to improve your diet or help lose weight then the returns in terms of health and time saved in prep and blending will be more than worthwhile.

So what we are saying here is not that its impossible to make smoothies with an inexpensive blender of course it is possible. But you will find that it is a lot more work for you to create a good smoothie with a budget blender. You will have to chop up your fruit and veg more and also ensure u have plenty of liquid. You will find also that you have to blebd fir longer to get the smoothie as smooth as you would like especially if you are fussy about not having any lumps in your smoothie.

If you want the best of the best when it comes to blenders then there is only one brand that really stands out above all others and that is Vitamix. They have been in the blender business for a long time producing powerful heavy duty blenders that do one thing well and thats blend.

The powerful motor on Vitamix models is what allows them to blend at such high speeds. In fact you have to be careful not to blend for too long with Vitamix blenders as they spin the blades so fast that they will actually heat up your food. But the high speed combined with quality blades means that your smoothies really do come out smooth.

Vitamix blenders also feature the infamous tamper. This device allows you to push the food back to the bottom of the blender for maximum blendibg action which is really useful when blending some types of food.

There is only one downside to Vitamix blenders and it is the price as there is no doubt that they are expensive. But at the end of the day as is comkonly known you get what you pay for. And what you are buying with a Vitamix us a quality product that should last you a very long time. Couple that with the great customer support and warranty offered by the manufacturer, if you can afford one then they truly are the best of the best.

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