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The best rated stainless steel cookware sets are very popular. The reason for that is the quality, easy maintenance and durability of stainless steel cookware. The big advantage of stainless steel is that its extremely easy to keep clean so works well in environments where your pots and pans are going to get used very regularly. It also looks really good and comes with a great stylish look that brightens up any kitchen.

With stainless steel its quality that counts. Try and avoid going for the cheapest and look for good quality at an affordable price. It’s a known fact that stainless steel in not a great conductor of heat and on its own gives pretty uneven cooking. This is why most manufacturers combine stainless steel with better conductors such as aluminium or copper and use this on the bottom of the pans and sometimes on the sides of the pans too to improve the heat conduction properties.

This is why when you look at stainless steel pots and pans these days, that the base is usually must thicker than the rest of the pan. Also stainless steel sets are measured by the ratio chromium to nickel that has been added to the steel. The best quality generally available is 18/10 chromium/nickel. Probably the highest rated best selling brands for stainless steel are Cusinart and All Clad. These brands stand by their products too and often offer lifetime warranties for piece of mind.

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Stainless steel is so popular because of its stain resistant abilities which mean that you don’t have to be super careful about what you cook in it, but also if you do make a mess with stainless steel cookware, you will find that they are relatively easy to clean and bring back to their original look. They will also not turn rusty like many other materials, and cant be damaged by acidic foods such as wine.

One way to keep your stainless steel from needed extra cleaning is in how you use it. The main tip is to avoid letting food stick to the pan. Often cold foods that haven’t been brought to room temperature before cooking will stick to the pan. Also if you are going to use oils to cook your food, make sure the whole base of the pan is well coated before you add the food. Also ensure that the oil is nice and hot.

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Also avoid burning food in a stainless steel pan. Burning wont damage the pan too much but may discolour it especially if you don’t clean off the burnt food straight away. You do need to be careful when cooking with stainless steel cookware as the uneven cooking profile can lead to hotspots on some pans. What you will find is that the better the quality of the pan, that the less chance there is of sticking and burning.

But even with these problems one of the main reasons for stainless steel being so popular is durability. It can take a wide range of temperatures, can be used with all kinds of hard and soft cooking utensils, and is so strong that it cant take everything you can throw at it and can be give a deep clean if needed. This also means that stainless steel offers great value for money as you know that it will last you a very long time.

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You may have looked at stainless steel cookware and thought that it seemed a bit expensive and wondered if it really is value for money for the price. In general we would have to say yes. Although stainless steel cookware can be more expensive than say the equivalent aluminium pots and pans, or non stick, stainless steel cookware has a number of advantages. One of the big advantages to stainless steel is that it is very hard wearing.

If you look in professional kitchens you will see that they have lots of well worn pots and pans that have been with them for years. The same if you look in the home of friends or family that have stainless steel cookware. Stainless steel cookware just lasts a very long time. Add to that stainless steel doesnt rust and is also very easy to clean of even the most bround in stains or burns.

Another big advantage than many like with stainless steel pans compared with say non stick pans is that you dont have to be careful with them. With non stick you have to be very wary of using the right utensils and cleaning materials so that you dont damage the non stick layer. Once the non stick layer is damaged bits of it may then flake off into your food. Non stick pans are also usually made with aluminium which once exposed will react with foods especially acidic foods and may then taint the taste of whatever you cook.

And because stainless steel is so easy to maintain, it also can usually put in the dishwasher. This means after cooking a big meal you can just add the stainless steel pans to the dishwasher and you are done. This is another great timesaver if you want to clean up in a hurry. Although generally we find that unless you have food that has been burnt on really hard to your pan, a quick rinse and then scrub is usually enough to clean up most stainless steel pans. So in our opinion these factors all taken together make stainless steel pans a really good buy for your kitchen, even if you have to pay a little extra to get the benefits.

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