Top 10 Best Tea Kettles For Gas Stoves 2019 2020

Top Rated Tea Kettles 2020

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Theres something awesome about hearing the tea kettle boiling on a gas stove and then hearing the whistle that tells you that the water is ready and its time to make a nice cup or pot of tea.

Obviously its so much quicker and easier to use an electric kettle to boil water but if you like the traditional way of boiling water for tea that just seems to have so much more character and remind us of more innocent and simpler times that a tea kettle that works on your gas stove is almost like a work of art in your kitchen that combines function and form.

The Best Stove Top Kettle

The Advantages Of Stove Top Kettles

The benefit of a stove top kettle is two parts. First the practical part of being very easy to heat up water for tea or coffee. When using a tea kettle on your gas stove you know you have a supply of freshly boiled water to make your drinks. If you live in a location where electricity can sometimes be a bit troublesome, its good to know that you can still make a refreshing hot drink even if the power is out.

The second is the asthetics. Many of us grew up with a tea kettle on the stove to boil water and recall the sound of the whistle blowing when the water is ready. Having worked hard to create a nice home you may feel you want to get that cosy retro feel that takes you back to younger days fondly, and a good whistling gas stove tea kettle can certainly help you to do that.

Some models are designed to work on both gas and electric stoves, so long as the base of the kettle can sit pretty flush to the surface of the stove in the case of electric. Other are raised so are designed to only work with gas stoves so it depends if you really have a preference.

There is a wide range when it comes to price of the teak kettles. Simple models with few design features can be had for as little as 20 dollars. But some of the more traditional looking retro style kettles, such as the Le Creuset range of tea kettles are more at the $50 – $100 range. Although that does sound expensive, these kettles do look fantastic and really add to that retro look and feel if thats what you are trying to achieve in your kitchen.

best tea kettle for gas stove
best tea kettles for gas stove

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