Top Rated Blenders For Making Smoothies 2016

If you are looking to create great smoothies for health benefits or for weight loss you might have had bad experiences with cheaper blenders and ne asking yourself what are the best blenders for making smoothies.

Smoothies often involve blending up items that can be quite tough to break up such as frozen fruit and vegetables or nuts. To deal with these effectively and ensure that your smoothies are smooth you need a blender that has a powerful motor and also that.

The difference between a powerful heavy duty blender and the very cheap blenders is huge. Using a cheap blender will take a lot more effort to get the same results. The motor won’t be as powerful and the blades not as durable to keep the cost down. This means you will have to blend for a lot longer and possibly be more careful about what you blend avoiding some of the more difficult items. The fact that you are having to blend a lot more means a lot more strain on the already less powerful and robust motor. So of course the life of this cheaper blender is already going to be much shorter.

If you are just getting started making smoothies then a cheaper blender will be ok for a while. But as you get more adventurous with your ingredients you may well find that you are taking a long time to prepare your produce to blend and that your smoothies are not coming out that smoothly. This is when you will find you start looking for a more powerful blender that will let you create smoothies with less prep and with a much better consistency.

Of course a blender isn’t just for making smoothies, they get used for a whole host of other food preparation purposes. So if you get a good quality powerful blender that is going to make tasks like making soups, purees and butters much easier too.

Vitamix Blenders

The best blenders on the market right now are the Vitamix blenders. These very powerful blenders are great for making smoothies and make short work of pretty much any food turning them into a smooth consistency in no time at all.

If you are going to be making a lot of smoothies on a daily basis then you need a workhorse such as on of the heavy duty blenders. The powerful motor in these blenders is what allows them to run at such high speeds.

Why Heavy Duty Blenders

A big advantage of power heavy duty blenders are the they are designed to be use professionally in kitchens and stores so are built to last and perform well. They also need to have plenty of power to help the end use create a quality product if it’s for a professional or home user.

Of course in a store or restaurant kitchen the blender must be able to produce a smooth finish to whatever is being g blended. No one wants lumps in the sauces or whenever else that are cooking. So although heavy duty blenders are more expensive than your general purpose models, they will actually save you time and money in the long run and you know they will always perform well with their powerful motors.

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