Top Rated Gas Grills Under $1000 2020

If you are fed up replacing budget grills every year and want to have the best features for grilling, a budget of $1000 is a good place to start. At this price you are going to find grills that are much more well made, give very even cooking and Come with great festures.

Be careful though to get the right grill thst suits you and your family. If it is only you and you partner then get a grill that can do a small amount of food. But if you have a big family and lots of friends it’s worth making the investment in a larger grill that will make your cooking faster and easier so you don’t have lots of hungry mouths waiting too long.

If you are looking for a grill with extras make sure you check out the grill you are looking at and ensure it comes with the accessories you need. Not every manufacturer includes them as some people prefer to start with a lower cost basic grill and then add anything they need as optional extras. So its important to find out what us included with you grill.

Coleman 9949-750 Road Trip Grill LXE

The Coleman Road Trip Grill is a clever portable design that allows you to have the convenience of a full size grill that is still easy and compact enough to transport to anywhere you want no matter if it is just that spur of the moment block party, a trip to the beach or a week long family vacation to the mountains

Product Description

The Coleman Road Trip Grill features authentic open flame grilling, two powerful burners that are fully adjustable, electronic ignition and uncommon cooking versatility thanks to mix-and-match cooking surface options. However, a cleverly designed new stand distinguishes the LXE model from its predecessor.

The X-shaped chassis is wheeled for easy maneuvering in both the upright and collapsed-for-transport positions. It sets up quickly and provides excellent stability for cooking, thanks to the simplicity of the scissor-like leg and frame design. Two side tables integrated into the unit slide out for grilling and cooking duties, then retract under the unit in a moment’s motion for travel and storage.

Because the grill is affixed to the stand and the lid features a locking mechanism, the unit is secure and steady while towing it to and from a vehicle using a convenient pull handle. The Coleman Roadtrip Grill LXE is designed to be used completely assembled. If tabletop use is desired – simply hand remove the 4 plastic cap screws and start cooking! The Roadtrip Grill LXE is easy to assemble – Push on wheels and insert plastic handle and it is ready to use! New tool holders and stainless steel carry handles.

Coleman Road Trip Grill Features

==> 2 warp resistant cast iron grill plates coated in porcelain.

==> 285 square inches of cooking space.

==> 2 10000 BTU burners for even consistent cooking

==> 2 detachable side tables.

==> A grease tray for easy cleaning and maintenance.

==> Instastart electronic ignition.

==> 2.1 hours operating time on high temp up to 4.5 on low temp settings.

==> Heavy-duty vitreous lid to contain flame and prevent contamination of your food.

Coleman Road Trip Grill Reviews

We found a large number great of reviews for the Coleman Road Trip Grill with the majority of people giving this grill extremely good feedback for its ease of use and set up, the dual burner feature, the BTU output (20000 combined) and the fact that it was simple and easy to clean.

The grill allows you to preheat and cook with the lid closed if that’s what you prefer and most reviews mentioned how much they liked the idea of having interchangeable cooking surfaces so you can grill with grates, fry with a griddle, or use pots and pans with a stove grate.

Another plus was the compact size making it easy to store as well as great to travel with. The pull-out shelves, hangers for grilling tools, push-button start, adjustable flame, easily removable and cleanable grease tray and easy to use propane cylinders are all A++.

According to our research the Coleman Road Trip Grill is a top of the line product for its price we found very few negative reviews with the main problem appearing to be the fact that some people had problems cooking with the lid down, we feel however that this is not the case with a large number of reviews actually contradicting this opinion and saying that cooking and preheating with the lid down was easy and successful

top rated gas grills under $1000

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