Top Rated Over The Range Microwaves 2016

Top Rated Over The Range Microwaves 2013

T-fal Anodized Cookware Set
LG OTR 1.8 CF 1100-Watt Microwave

Over the range microwaves are great as they save you from using up your countertop space with a big gadget. If your looking to get a new one then we have a list here of the highest rated over the range microwaves that are available for 2013.

We all know how convenient our microwaves are for when we need them for heating up food, defrosting stuff from the freezer, or even interesting uses like sterilising soil from the garden. With the range of presets on most modern microwaves you dont even have to think about cook times just push the preset and your done.

Featured here are great models from Frigidaire, LG, Sharp and more. Many of these are quieter and yet more powerful than older models of microwaves used to be.

This is the LG OTR 1.8 CF 1100-Watt Microwave, White

best over the range microwaves 2014
best over the range microwave 2014

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