Vitamix vs Ninja 2016

Looking for a good blender, but cant decide between the Ninja and the Vitamix. These are two great blenders on the market, with a big difference in price. The Vitamix has long been the premium blender range of choice for professionals and advanced home users. It has the muscle in the motor and build quality in the construction to basically stand up to anything you can throw at it.

The downside to the Vitamix basically comes down to the price. So any blender that can even come close to the Vitamix performance at a lower price is going to be a serious contender. Many of us would love to have a Vitamix in our kitchens, but find it difficult to justify spending 400 to 600 dollars on a blender, especially if we arent planning to use it as much as we would like. And this is where the Ninja blenders come in, with the best Ninja blenders priced around $200 that is much more affordable for those that need a good quality blender at a more reasonable price than a Vitamix.

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